Email Services

SSC consulting LLC, we are here with excellent web services as we believe in walking along with the updated technologies so that we can have dynamic growth in the society and our services and growth will benefit you a lot.  We are working with high standards so that you can also show your business royalty online and impress many other people for adopting your services. We are with advanced technologies and techniques that will benefit you a lot and we are working by using modern tools that are well efficient in overcoming your expectations and making you the best among the people around the globe. We are with E-mail Services as it is the service that is the best for direct marketing regarding your business and products and we are well efficient in providing you this service because we are leading in this and we have well efficient staff that is highly qualified and trained under professionals.

Most effective types of messages that we use for email marketing:

We are here with the world of web so that you can easily adopt our best services and we ensure you that you will not face any kind of problem in adopting our services. We help you in promoting your brand and services by using our own strategies and plans as we are working with broadcast list and sent messages that are useful according to your brand information. We are using the most effective messages for email marketing like:

  • Welcome emails: we believe that first impression should be the best that catches the interest of the reader that’s why first mail should be welcoming that impress and represents the fantastic chance of enhancing your brand. It also helps in offering the advantage that it sets the expectations and confirm the subscription.
  • Dedicated emails: we send the mails that totally focus on the single topic regarding the new product, event or nay kind of announcement and it is the best technique of email marketing techniques.
  • Newsletter emails: on regular intervals it is the best way of giving customers the lowdown and under this you can decide the goal message that is needed to be deliver and customers will be easily able to recognize your brand.
  • Digest emails: this is the newsletter smallest version and is essential as you can easily select the data that you want it should contain for digestion and we according to your required data we schedule with automatic intervals and it is sent at the regular bases and this will easily publish your brand posts.
  • Lead nurturing emails: under this we target who are subscribers so that they can become customers. It is the procedure that is time consuming but it is the leading nurturing manner. Under this we also update your clients with updates regarding your products so that they stay connected with updated information.
  • Transactional emails: under this send your customers the confirmation mails for the products they have purchased with details of checkout so that they can easily stay updated with their packet.