Payment Gateway Services

SSA Consulting Group LLC, we are here to make you enjoy in the world of web so that you can comfortably grow with high standards and also enjoy many benefits that are related to the world of web as we are here to offer you all these so that you can easily grow up and make your presence best. We ensure you that with the help of our services you will enjoy the best and will be satisfied with amazing experience. We are here to offer you best web services at excellent level with high standards so that we can easily overcome the most popular demand of web. We are working with our web team who is always ready to help you in all the way so that you can easily grow in the world of web with extra creations and talent. Our team is working efficiently with modern versions and tools so that you can easily enjoy the web services at a great level and we ensure you that you will enjoy the unique world of web experience with us. We help integrating the payment gateway you provide us into your website.

We are here with helping set up Payment Gateway Services as this is the service that is adopted by most of the people because it is the most convenient option and is most popular and demanding. It is the application of e-commerce that authorizes the credit card payments for online retailers, e-businesses, clicks and bricks and mortar and brick. With the help of payment gateway you can easily get the information as it helps in transferring between a payment portal and front end processor so that payment is easily cleared without any hard issues.

This is the service that most of the people wants to adopt as now people don’t like to carry cash along with them but just a single credit card for payment and they easily pay with the help of that card. It is the authorized ACH and credit card payment to provide the seamless processing for payment for business. It is the most sensitive service because it has most sensitive information that is stored in it which also includes credit card number, CVV2 information, and AVV and we ensure you that information will be secure while payment processing. It is the gateway that is also responsible for transferring the payments to the customer’s bank account. It also reduces the liability of the business and ensures you that payment is being processed securely.

Payment gateway works in the process like:

  • User processes for payment
  • With the help of e-commerce secure payment is passed and information to the gateway
  • Gateway keeps the sensitive information and send that to the acquiring bank
  • Processor send the declined or approval response to the payment gateway
  • After that gateway pushes the response and back to the table of e-commerce.
  • At the last step you will receive the payment information and then apply to the ERP.

Gateways are supported with:

  • PPI PayMover
  • Moneris
  • Paypal
  • net
  • Sage
  • Global payments
  • CyberSource
  • BeanStream
  • Chase paymentech