Software Developement Customer Relationship Management (CRM) (web development)

SSA Consulting Group LLC, we are here to offer you the best services related to world web so that you can easily grow at the higher levels and we are here to grow you business scale with the help of our services. We are here with best high standard services related to web that perfectly matches the standard of your business. As now a business cannot run without software because it is the thing that helps in managing all the things in well efficient manner and also it help in keeping all the records in well efficient manner so that you can easily grow up with best business services.

We help in software development under CRM (Customer Relationship Management), it is the term that refers to the strategies, technology and practices that companies used to analyze and mange customer data and interaction through the lifecycle of the customer with a desire of improving the relationships with business and assisting in the growth of the sales. It is the software that is especially designed for keeping contact with customer and company which includes with company telephone, website, direct mail, live chat, social media and marketing materials. It stores with all important information with proper details which include concerns, buying preferences, purchase history and personal information of the customer.

We ensure you that you will enjoy this service as it benefits in many different ways and it consolidates the customer information and the documents that are necessary and manage it in well proper manner. There are many useful features that are included in the software like:

  • Marketing automation: CRM has tool of marketing automation which easily enhances the marketing efforts with different lifecycle according to the requirements. And it is done with the help of social media and email and helps in reaching at the goals easily.
  • Sales force automation: it is the tool that helps in making duplicate efforts between the customer and a salesperson and its system helps in achieving the contacts by automatically tracking and follow both the sides.
  • Contact center automation: it is the tool that is especially designed to reduce the tedious effects of the contact and act as agent job and this tool is well efficient in handling customers request and customer calls and answers them efficiently.
  • Geolocation technology: it is the tool that helps in making contact and network to find the sale prospects and mange them properly that is totally based on the location as GPS.